Gold Medal Philospophy



By any measure London 2012 was a successful Olympics.  The GB cycling team was a key contributor to this achieving medals and world records in abundance and the secret of that success was down to the smallest of details.

‘The Aggregation of Marginal Gains’ is a philosophy devised by team GB cycling boss Sir Dave Brailsford. Dave believes that by breaking down and identifying every tiny aspect of an athlete’s performance and then making just a 1% improvement in each area the athlete’s overall performance can be significantly enhanced. None of us can argue with the results.


So how does this effect business?


Well ever since 2008 we have all been trying to do business in extremely difficult economic conditions. All of us have introduced our own austerity measures and cut our business resources back to the bone. Making major cost savings or efficiencies now in 2014 seems, if not impossible, highly unlikely.  Yet we still are looking for any improvements we can make.


This is where team GB’s philosophy may help.  By looking for the small savings across a wide range of costs rather than focus on one big saving, major improvements can be achieved. To do this you will need good quality management information, quality analysis of that information and someone who will objectively question the business.


At Baldwins we have been helping our clients achieve these marginal gains by assisting them get the highest quality of management information, paying particular attention to how that information is presented, which in turn helps the information becomes easier to analyse. Here again Baldwins can bring a wealth of experience to the analysis process and then we can help by asking those no nonsense objective questions –Why –How-When etc. that ensure those marginal gains available are not over looked.